The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

by Jethro Compton Based on the short story by Dorthy M. Johnson

November 17 – December 18, 2016  



In the dusty, lawless town of Twotrees, unconscious Ransom Foster is dragged into Hallie’s saloon, having fallen victim to Liberty Valance, an outlaw even the Marshal refuses to challenge. Once recovered, Ransom sets himself on leaving town, but finds something worth staying for as he begins teaching Hallie to read. Foster is given a purpose in a broken land, but is it enough to save him from the vicious outlaw who still wants him dead? He must make the choice to turn and run or to fight for what he believes in. It’s a classic western of good versus evil.

““Liberty Valence” may be a western, but it has contemporary sensibilities.
Its story is one of love, courage, and sacrifice.” 

-Daniel Skora, It’s All Theatre

(Photo by Jose Juarez)

“No actor hits a snag in the production directed by Angie Kane Ferrante
and the set and staging by Monika Essen is again, exemplary.”
-Paul Arlon, Detroit Monitor