Adult Classes

Tipping Point Theatre is offering 3 classes during our upcoming season.  All classes will be taught by Tipping Point Theater’s own Artistic Director, James R. Kuhl and TPT’s Favorite Dave Davies! 

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Nov. 22 – Dec. 20 (5-weeks)

Tuesdays; 6:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Adults 18+, Limit: 12

*Instructor: Dave Davies

Curious about how Improv works? That’s all you need to be for this 5-week intensive. Whether you think you’re funny or not, there’s no doubt you will benefit from this class. Even if you have no plans to pursue a career in performing, Improv offers many life skills. These include speaking in public, meeting new people, and feeling confident. This class will teach you Improv basics, history, and various different forms. You will learn Improv games and exercises to develop and enhance your abilities. You’ll be amazed at how life-changing it can be! So what are you waiting for?!


Jan. 23 – Feb. 20 (5-weeks)

Mondays; 6:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Adults 18+, Limit: 12

*Instructor: James R. Kuhl

With audition season just around the corner it is time to dust off your monologues or work on new ones! This class will help you find new life in your monologues, provide strategies on how to work a callback, and help take the stress out of this crucial part of the theatre business. But you need more than a killer monologue to book the gig.  This 5-week intensive also includes a new perspective on the business of auditioning.  Not just head shots and resumes, this class offers a unique look at the other side of the audition table as you work together to build a personal strategy on how to attack the audition process with confidence. Why dread the audition process when this class can help transform it into an opportunity to express yourself through your art?


May 23- June 20 (5-weeks)

Tuesdays; 6:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Adults 18+, Limit: 16 (12 Actors 4 Directors)

*Instructor: James R. Kuhl

Back and revised from last season comes a unique class that combines actors and directors as they work together to hone their respective skills.  This 5-week class combines both the craft of acting as well as its practical application in a rehearsal process.  Directors work alongside actors, learning new ways to translate and communicate with each other, while progressing toward the common goal of putting up a scene.  This fresh take on a classic scene study acting class guides students to use the scene as a story only they can tell, while learning the very practical skills of artistic respect and collaboration. This class is designed to benefit actors and directors of all levels, as well as any individual who is looking to use their creativity to express themself in the theatre, the classroom or the board room.

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