Mission Statement

The mission of Tipping Point Theatre is to foster human interactions and relations, creating a unifying, yet personal experience through affordable, professional theatre performances and community outreach.

We are committed to touching your hearts, making you laugh, making you cry and making you think.

We are committed to keeping theatre alive for all generations to enjoy.

We are committed to providing training to those that have waited decades to step on a stage as well as those that will be the future actors and directors following in our footsteps.

We are committed to giving back to the communities that raised us, that first introduced us to live theatre.

We are committed to introducing others to the west metro area – sharing with them our charming downtowns, our incredible shopping districts and award-winning restaurants.

We are committed to maintaining our unique and charming theatre space, committed to raising the funds required to produce full theatrical seasons – committed to making our theatre a success!


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